Hoodoo Tempest 120 Hybrid


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Jul 14, 2021
Happy Valley
Hello everyone, I'm rather new here and need some honest perspectives. The link below is a kayak I've been eyeballing.. This is my first kayak I will purchase as I've been borrowing one to use with our every Monday group.. but its time now for me to own one.. I would like to continue on our casual paddle on Mondays with the group then solo paddles to fish, stand up and cast and the below kayak has my attention.. Has anyone ever heard of this brand/company? I cannot seem to find reviews on the non pedal version.. I'm 5'11 pretty much right at 6 ft, 250 pounds soaking wet and is a 12 fter the proper/ideal length for a guy my size? I paddled a 10fter once and got extremely winded quickly from swaying left and right as I was paddling.. Please advise. All perspectives are welcome. Ty in advance..



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May 15, 2005
Most here do not regularly paddle kayakfishing SOTs, so there maybe not that much relevant info we can give you, however looking at that kayak:


. . . looking at the kayak images, I have some concerns:

- first of all there sure are a lot of features on that kayak: rudder, pedal locator, drains, bait hatch, regular hatch, holders, etc.​
- I'm struck by the weird sideview with the drooping bow form [you can see it in the hull view as well]. This is obviously intentional to provide 'tracking' for such a short kayak, but it means that the rudder will ALWAYS have to be used and attended to in order to for even regular type paddling. And under some paddling conditions [steep waves] that drooping bow will be a real annoyance to control. [I don't like it]​
- as this kayak is to perform 2 functions: paddling or pedalling within the same platform, some real compromises have been made. Look at the huge underhull depression and large hole right where the pedal mechanism would be placed. This might not be a big deal ordinarily, but look at the gestural 'cover' they use as the 'filler' for that huge hole. Don't you think that in largish waves there'll be splash and major annoyance? And there sure is bound to be a large performance hit as well as obviously some volume loss for this poor intervention.​
- Other details trouble me also . . . the drain hole stopper right where your heel likely will land - would be a constant nagging heel irritation when paddling, the fulltime fixed plastic hatch looks flimsy and easily inavertently fallen/knocked/impacted against causing damage - and what's the bag for or hiding? . . . and the amazingly flimsy two little upstands that hold up the rudder for some reason - would be broken by any normal person within seconds of hitting something while removing the kayak - and this kayak requires that rudder.​

This kayak just reads wrong to me at just about any price. Aspects that are important are just not well thought or carried out. A fishing kayak should be robust and be able to take a beating while you take the kayak out and fight the good fight against the raging ichthyosaurs - I think this one will let you down too soon.


Aug 18, 2014
South Island, New Zealand
That creation looks like a waste of perfectly good hydrocarbons!
"That creation looks like a weird waste of perfectly good hydrocarbons!"
Never seen anything so odd, drooping bow, etc. I'd be interested to paddle it a short distance to find out just how bad it really is.

But remember John, it is for fishing where you sit still waiting for the fish to come to your hook. At the paddler's weight, a bit of a balancing act if standing in it.