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Hope Island Marine State Park, Olympia, WA Kayaking in 4K UHD with Aerials - July 17, 2021

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
Highlights from our kayaking trip to Hope Island Marine State Park in Washington State just west of Olympia, Washington, with video in 4K UHD with aerials. See video on YouTube.com. Includes highlights at timestamps below:
thumbnail 1280x720.png

0:12 Hope Island Marine State Park in the Pacific Northwest
0:27 3 Mile Kayak Route Around Hope and Steamboat Islands
0:33 Arcadia Point Boat Ramp
1:30 Aerial View of Squaxin Island
1:35 Aerial View of Hope Island
1:40 Aerial View of Steamboat Island
1:52 Oyster
2:51 Giant "Fried Egg" Jellyfish
2:57 Great Blue Heron
3:20 Hope Island - South Beach
3:32 Hope Island - South Bay
4:30 Racoons Foraging in the Shallows
5:22 Pacific Madrone Tree
5:34 Hope Island - Picnic Area
6:00 Aerial of Picnic Area
6:15 Aerial Overhead South Bay
6:24 Aerial of Steamboat Island
6:30 Aerial of Hope Island
6:42 Aerial of Squaxin Island
7:36 Deer
7:45 Cascadia Marine Trail Campsites
7:51 Old Homestead Site - Current Ranger Office
8:11 Campsites
8:25 View East from Hope Island Marine State Park
9:11 Old Homestead Orchard - Apple Tree
9:34 Steamboat Island
9:54 Arcadia Point
10:04 Arcadia Point Boat Ramp

Overall a great trip. Very scenic for a light 3 mile round trip paddle, and launching from Arcadia Point enabled us to also go past Steamboat Island which was interesting. Light currents and winds, being quite sheltered. A great option for those that are newer to kayaking. Overnight camping is available on Hope Island Marine State Park, both in Cascadia Marine Trail Campsites, and several more general campsites away from the beach. Popular route, and we saw about 20 other kayakers just in the half day we took for this trip.


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