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How do you store your yak?


Jan 23, 2005
I got tired of trying to move around mine while it's sitting on the floor so I spent a few dollars at the hardware store and I have a new system. I attached 6 hooks to the floor joists in our basement.

When I bring the boat in I can lift up one end and hook the carry handle on one hook, then lift the other end and hook that one up as well. Then I take a set of tie down straps and my foamies and secure one on either side of the cockpit right underneath the bulkheads. Once it's in place I unhook the carry handles at bow and stern so they're not taking any weight. It seems to work pretty well and frees up a lot of floor space.

I'll post a pic when I have one....
A few pics of the new system...



Looks good Dave!

I don't have the luxury of being able to store my boats indoors. Here's how I store mine (most of the time they're covered with tarps):


Astoriadave said:
Good lookin' Pygmy double. You built it?

Yup, that's the Pygmy Osprey double that Dan built a little over 3 years ago. It's one fine looking boat - quite something to see up-close. Dan documented the entire process, which is now available for all to see here, in the 'Boat/Accessory Buidling' section of this site.
Astoriadave said:
Good lookin' Pygmy double. You built it?
Thanks Dave, I did build it myself -- it's a great boat that I enjoy paddling a lot with my kids. I'm hoping to build a Pygmy Coho soon.

I also built the racks that the boats are stored on.

I used to keep mine in my westy...now it's in my wee ahh v. I have a folding type and that was one of the deal makers when I was shopping. I live in apts or condo's usually and am a terrible gypsy that is always on the road, it seems. I decided that I wanted something I could carry in whatever I was driving, put on a plane, and unless I happen to not put it away...no one knows I have it.

Gary Haupt