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Hurricane Kayakers Arrested?


Feb 29, 2008
No, not our local boys from Deep Cove, but a couple of guys in New York...

Cops Crack Down On Kayaking During Hurricane Irene

Kayaking is totally great...if there isn't a HURRICANE about to touch down (kevin farley's flickr)
It seems obvious that one shouldn't try to kayak during Hurricane Irene, a storm which has already brought the MTA to a complete standstill without uprooting a single tree—heck, just boarding up your home can be dangerous in this weather. And yet, two people who completely ignored the warnings about Irene had to be rescued by emergency services this evening off of Great Kills, Staten Island. As a grumpy Mayor Bloomberg said tonight, "Clearly a reckless act that diverted badly needed NYPD resources."

The two adult males capsized off Mayberry Promenade earlier this evening. They were found by an NYPD Patrol Boat; they floated in the water wearing lifejackets for approximately 30 minutes before their rescue. As Bloomberg put it, "Why they were out there, in spite of the warnings, I don't know." During his evening update on Irene, Bloomberg used the two as examples of what NYers should not do during the storm.

And there is a moral to this story: after the men were safely brought to Great Kills Marina, they were issued summonses.

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One of the many killed in the storm on east coast was a surfer in Nth Carolina. Go figure!
Hopefully the judge gives them 450 hours of commumity service to pay back the commumity for what they took.