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I heard from a reliable source that the Pygmy Kayak company is still for sale.


New Member
Sep 18, 2022
Eugene, OR
And on another note; Does anyone know what comfy, quality, aftermarket seat would fit in a Pinguino 145? Thanks, Stephan
For the seat - Joe Greenley at Redfish might have something that can fit. By all accounts they're great seats. Or alternatively, getting a foam blank and making one yourself?

And - how long has Pygmy Kayaks been for sale? I thought it natural for his daughter to take over the reins - she sure seemed part of it a while back.
It's been for sale for some time and I think that John is waiting for the right person and the right offer.
just noticed the domain has not been renewed:

hopefully not permanently, but . . .
Sad thing is is that Pygmy Boats was probably worth more during Covid than it is now. People were working from home with extra time and money on their hands and looking for something to do. Bike companies flourished at this time, but now they cannot get rid of product so they are offering huge discounts. It's not a stretch to think the same will happen with kayaks, either now or the near future.