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If you could paddle any one place, where would it be?


Aug 3, 2006
Sept-Îles, QC
I always like to know people's fondest wish for a paddling destination. Feel free to eloquently elaborate where and why, and to make this interesting let's exclude BC please! Top 3 picks are acceptable if you have a decision making disfunction like I do ;)

1. Baffin Island - more specifically, the north coast of Baffin Island. I don't know why, but every time I look at a map my gaze keeps on wandering back to that specific spot.
2. Labrador Coast...the entire coast from the very tip of the Torngats down through the Straight of Belle Isle to the Quebec Lower North Shore
3. Shetland/Orkney Islands - scenic, windswept islands with hearty, friendly inhabitants. Wild waters and big tidal crossings. Whiskey. Need I say more?

In my case you can detect the theme - no tropical paddling destinations for this guy, i like it cold and miserable!
Hi Mike

I'm more dysfunctional than you.

1. Mare Tranquillitatis. Call me a Rocket Man.

2. Halong Bay, Vietnam. Warm water, scenery, lazy paddling and a new culture to explore. Might even get my wife to come.

3a. Marlbourough Sound, New Zealand. Like BC, but our winter is their summer.

3b. Banks Peninsula, New Zealand. Perky little dolphins, quaint little settlements, good fish'n'chips, home of JKA.

3c. Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. I've sailed there, but really envied the very few paddlers I saw.
Google Earth "Smokehouse Bay" and work your way to three islands southwest of the peninsula.
Very impressive gannet colony. Most days it is raining birds. Warm water, good fishing,
DOC camp sites in every other little sandy cove, and almost nobody there in Feb/Mar.
Twice weekly ferry to Triphena or Port Fitzroy, or you can fly in, but don't forget your boat.
Services are minimal. If you mention to Kiwis that you've been to "The Barrier", their eyes light up.
For most tourists, this is well off the beaten track.

I'll start with 3c and work my way back to 1.

1. Kaap Hoorn - Why? For the bragging rights which apparently include being 'required' to stand upon the table during the Queens toast at formal dinners.

2. I recently hiked in Patagonia. There look to be some interesting places to explore with a kayak. Particularly in the Magellanes out of Puerto Williams and the stretch between Puerto Natales and Puerto Montt. Why? I like remote places.
Dalmatian coast for me. Ask that little boy in a blue hat why.

Cannot think at the moment of any other places i'd like to paddle.


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I'm with you Greg, on my next trip to Croatia I will be doing some kayaking along the coast.

the other place I would/ and will do before my 40th birthday is paddle somewhere along the west coast of Italy.
Dave, you overlooked that little fellow at the pool's edge, practicing a very popular in the area pastime. And I do not blame you. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh man, did this thread ever get highjacked! :clap:

Where do I want to paddle? How about Belize?

Oh wait...I'm already booked to go there next month, (if I can get the driveway cleaned out in time!)


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This North American Freshwater Lake.. recognize it?


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Astoriadave said:
Tough one. Yellowstone lake?

Gatun Lake.. about as far south as you can get an still be in the North American continent
... I lived in the PCZ four years.. in the 70's . always wanted to go back...
doubt I ever will... Gatun was a fascinating body of water...
Astoriadave said:
Good one. Those long narrow arms are a dead giveaway, aren't they!? Can you camp on the shoreline there?

No camping for me, I would want a mother ship for this outing. Panama had the biggest snakes and spiders I ever saw. Not to mention mean monkeys, crocodiles, giant crabs... iguana. It was fun to explore the jungle, I just wouldn't want to sleep there. I did know a group who camped on motor river trip. They slept in the boats(boston whalers).
Jeff, that's amazing. I just took a look using the "Earth" feature on Google Maps and there's like, big ships all over the lake! It's huge.

Click here to go Gatan Lake in Google Maps.

That would be so cool to paddle there -- you could spend a long, long time exploring.