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Inside Passage - two weeks July 2011


New Member
Mar 8, 2011
Vancouver, BC
My friend and I are looking for folks interested in paddling two weeks in the Inside Passage this summer. Routes are still up for discussion but Campina Island area, Hakai and maybe the hot springs tour near Kitimat are all on the table. We paddled from Port Hardy to Ketchikan last summer and just fell in love with the Great Bear Rainforest. Can't wait to get back there and explore more hidden corners.

I'm in Vancouver. If you are interested let's get together, roll out the map/calendar and have a chat.
I might be up for this trip, do you have specific dates picked in July? Any idea where you're paddling from yet?
Will probably be the middle two weeks of July (ie 9-23) or around there. Will most likely leave from Prince Rupert. Drive up there - rent boats and then take a water taxi ($45) to Hartley Bay and paddle near Campina Island to start. There was talk of paddling around Kitimat as well.
I am debating for maybe a HaidaGwai or kitimat area trip for july, I paddled Campania area last early july and i would do it again .I didn't care for the boat ride Prince-Rupert Hartley-bay though.I would leave from Kitimat .The fee was $65.00, one way,that includes your gear,still reasonable,the parking on the otherhand is painful.Let me know more as your planning goes on ,we could meet before or at some point on your trip.
Salut, Serge
I'm interested in this trip and may be able to swing a couple weeks off work... Is it looking like it's going ahead?

I am interested as well in this trip, do you guys a firm plan yet?

I am in Vancouver, so we can get together for a chat.