iPhone and kayaking? Case recommendations?


Jun 3, 2012
Port Townsend, WA
I know there are waterproof cases for the iPhone but would like to hear about experience about their performance from the kayaking community.

From a photographer's standpoint (quick access, keeping the lens area clean, etc.) what cases/carry systems work well for getting to the phone and allowing you to capture images, panos, vids?
http://www.cascadedesigns.com/e-case/is ... ne/product

iPhone in this case lives in the main pocket of my PFD. I am upside-down almost every time I paddle (on the water about twice a week) and this case has not failed in the 11 months that I have own it.

In fact I now own 2. I was careless one day and did not do up the pocket zipper on my PFD and I lost the E-Case. When I lost it, I only had my ID, fishing licence, etc in it (I left the phone at home that day). I purchased its replacement before a good samaritan found and returned my original case a week later. The case made it all the way to Esquimalt without letting in a drop of water.

Cost was $16 (??) at Ocean River Sports.
Thanks. That's exactly the kind of solution I was hoping to find good reviews on. Lanyard slot, etc. Also mstoc.co, you have a PM from me.