James Bay, Pooley Island, Mathieson Channel


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
James Bay is on west side of Mathieson Channel halfway down the east coast of Pooley Island.

James Bay faces SSE. As you enter James Bay there is a small islet on the east side of the bay just beyond Pooley Point. Behind this islet is a beach with camping in the forest on Pooley Island (52 41.8' N, 128 12.1' W, from SPOT GPS on the beach). The beach is grass and rubble.

Fresh Water is available from several nearby streams. There is no outhouse.

Wild Coast 2 does not list this campsite but it does mention (page 183) a campsite on the west side of James Bay.

Islet and grassy landing at James Bay, Mathieson Channel beyond (July 22, 2009, tide 3.8 m at Bella Bella)

Beach at James Bay, we camped in the forest behind (July 22, 2009, tide 2.3 m at Bella Bella)

James Bay our campsite is just out of the photo to the right (July 22, 2009, tide 2.3 m at Bella Bella)

For further photos and info from this trip see http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtngoat/sets/72157621965812299/