Kayak Builders Meet at the Beach photos added to the site


Mar 8, 2005
Beautiful BC
A great time was had by everyone who attended this event. In total, about 25 kayaks and canoes were on display. Once again, it was a pleasure getting together with everyone to enjoy a great day talking about building and paddling.

You can view the photos of the event in our Boat/Accessory Building section.

If you attended the event, could you please e-mail me at contact@westcoastpaddler.com and let me know your name, the design name of your boat and any other information that you'd like to include in the descriptions -- thanks!

Thanks to Rod and Joanne Tait of Orca Boats for hosting the event.


Hey I love shot #10 - that's the Ironman Canada Logo (long distance triathlon - Swim 2.4 miles, Ride 112 Miles, Run 26.2 Miles). I've done that race 7 times myself.....love to know who that boat belongs to.
The Ironman kayak is owned and was built by a fellow by the name of Dave Lyons. He did an incredibly nice job of the entire boat.