Kayak Carriers

I think you'll find that the crossbars for most racks are between the bulkheads on most doubles (they are on my Pygmy double). I have Yakima Land Shark cradles on my Thule bars and they work fine. I generally tighten the heck out of my straps and have never had a problem. The Land Sharks are the least expensive of the Yakima cradle line and have performed flawlessly over the past three years for me.

I suspect that most of the problems with hull deformation happens with plastic boats -- fiberglass boats don't seem to be so prone to this type of damage (my Pygmy is essentially a fiberglass boat). If you have any doubts, I suggest that you give the folks at Seaward a call and ask them about any potential problems with rack systems.

Well, what a speedy response. Thanks for the input. I thought that we would go with a known product, Thule or Yakima. The 30% company discount at Lordco led us towards Thule.The investment into the car and the boat, warranted a top of the line rack to protect the dollars invested. These Yakima cradles hold at the rounded part of the haul do they? As for the question about Rackattack, Nope it wasn't us. We did a forty mile trip at Harrison lake to watch the salmon spawn, and to have a nice paddle. We knew of an excellent camping spot and spent a couple of nights there right by a waterfall. 8).
Brad & Mandy
divorceboat said:
These Yakima cradles hold at the rounded part of the haul do they?
My Land Sharks form completely to my boat which is a multi-chine design. I would assume that they would form to a round hull with no problem at all.

Hey thanks for all the input folks. I went to a Yakima dealer to get the Land sharks but they didn't have any and I was impatient. Who me ...never. I went to Lordco and bought the Thule 874 load and go system. It comes with straps too. Price seemed very fair. They hold and contour the rounded part of the haul 8)