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Kayak Security


Oct 30, 2013
When I get my boat this summer, it will be stored in my backyard. My neighbourhood isn't rife with crime, but it isn't perfect either. I am trying to come up with a security system that will deter theft, with the understanding that I can't 100% prevent it.

After reading through some threads on this topic, as well as some on electric kayak pumps, I had an idea and was wondering if anyone had tried it with any success before.

Someone suggested integrating a piezo alarm into their pump setup to alert you when it was running, which got me to thinking about an alarm for security. My knowledge of circuitry is very limited, but I would imagine it would be relatively easy to setup a small alarm with a battery of some kind, and use a mercury tilt switch to trigger the alarm.

As long as the boat remains stationary, the circuit stays open. If someone tries to wander away with your boat, the movement triggers the switch and sets off the alarm. Nobody calls the police when they hear a car alarm, but nobody is going to continue stealing a car with an alarm. I feel like the same logic applies here: nobody is going to waltz down the street with a piezo alarm screaming in their ear.

Thoughts? Experience? Concerns?
We have our double secured with a kayak cable. Of course, bolt cutters will cut the cable, so it only slows them down some, and they will have to make enough noise I think it would wake us ... the double is stored on a rack outside our bedroom window.

The piezo alarm has merit. Store the boat where wind will not shake it.
Like most people I leave mine laying in my yard. When on the car and travelling I use a Lasso, helps me sleep better at the hotel. I read a comment once that sea kayaks are kind of hard to steal unless you are properly set up for it. Sort of makes sense since they are hard to transport. That being said a crackhead will take anything even if it is nailed down.

For an alarm system how about a personal alarm? Just tie it to your rigging somewhere and cable it to something stationary.

http://www.thesource.ca/estore/Product. ... fgodqEoARA
A steering wheel lock, like the clubman, across the cockpit will give you a really solid point to attach a chain or cable.
Sadly, if someone is set on stealing your boat (or bike) they are going to do it - best thing is to try and make it so tough that it will slow the bast**ds down and make them move on.
Nothing can replace a good visual deterrent like a cable. It's not just about how tough the cable is or how much time it takes to hack through it, it's about convincing the thief your item isn't worth his time. Thicker cables are better not just because they are tougher, they are more visible from afar.