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Kayak sizing for smaller person


Jan 22, 2013
Victoria BC
I have recently introduced my girlfriend to sea kayaking and now she would like to buy her own kayak so she can do some trips with me. She is only 5 feet tall and she would like a boat that fits her size but can also carry enough gear and food for a week long paddle. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you.
Pulling up my lawn chair, snacks, and drinks to watch this one develop.

(I happen to be Filipino, so your description of your G/F fits most of my family and it's no surprise I've tackled this puzzle before. All I'm going to say is that the number of possible solutions has improved over time. While this is no bad thing, it does mean it may take longer to settle on one.)
Have you found her a PFD yet? In Canada we didn't find much for my wife at 95lbs. The best we found was a Salus model in XS/S.

I don't think these next ones are certified for use in Canada if that matters to you. If you're willing to order out of the US there is the Stohlquist Betsea in the new "petite" size. Apparently also offered in a "youth" model with less flotation. Also the Kokatat Aries offered in a adult XXS/Youth large. The Betsea petite is about an inch wider in the front and a fair bit thicker than the Aries XXS with the extra floatation.

Good luck finding a short paddle these days.
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I am 5'4" and skinny. My biggest challenge was finding a boat that wasn't too wide and too high. Really enjoyed Ellesmere by Boreal Design, now I am paddling a Sterling Progression but had some custom adjustments done to it. A Pilgrim is an excellent boat for smaller paddlers, especially for skinny ones. Necky Eliza is liked by many women but works better with fuller body types. I would suggest going for 16' length rather than 17', 17' def is the max. For the width I would go with 22" or less. The best thing would be to try lots of boats at a store or a paddling event.
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I'm much taller but I want to add,

Re: kyushmanova's comment: The Pilgrim felt way to small for Me, so that may work...
maybe jump on this:
Just in passing ...
The Elisa that Mick mentions is quite different from the rotomolded version of the same name. In either case, they seem to hold their value well even when used. It looks like a decent deal. I wonder if it comes with any extras?