Kayaking the north coast of Minorca (July 2019)

Paulina Baez

Sep 21, 2020
North Vancouver
I haven't been able to get out on the water yet this year but by way of saying thank you for all the wonderful trip reports everyone is sharing I'd like to share a kayak trip from two summers ago along the north coast of Minorca. One of the things that is helping me get through the pandemic is having trips to look forward to. This post may be of interest to anyone who has thought of kayaking in the Mediterranean or has wanted to do a trip abroad.

Minorca is a Balearic Island in the Spanish Mediterranean. This was my first time kayaking and camping outside of Canada, I went with a guide and there were two of us on the trip. I was surprised by how unfamiliar people are with kayaks there, they are seen as a playful recreational activity for an hour or two but not much beyond that. Whenever we arrived on a populated beach people looked at us like aliens, it was their first time seeing kayaking as an adventure sport. The kayaks there were plastic instead of fibreglass, which was new for me. Tents are prohibited on beaches in Minorca and the workaround was to use a tarp tied to the kayaks. I thought one of the hardest things was going to be long hours of paddling, however it was the intensity of the direct sunlight all day on the water that was the most challenging. The geography, and especially the rock morphology along the coast is stunning. There are beautiful remote beaches, although some beaches closer to the main towns can get crowded in the summer. The whole island can be circumnavigated in a week, however due to strong winds we stayed on the north coast. It was a fun way to explore the coast and a great opportunity to support the kayaking enthusiasts who organized the trip in what is still a burgeoning sport in the area.