Kayaking with baby Leon, Lake Wash., Seattle, WA 28 Feb 2021


Jan 10, 2009
Seattle WA
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I don't usually post a full trip report for little family outings on Lake Washington, but this one was special. My wife Rachel and I brought baby Leon out for only his second time ever in a kayak. Leon rode with me, while Maya rode with Rachel. Feeding ducks and trailing fingers in the water—a child's delight.

01 Leon at home.JPG

01 Leon, eleven months old, at home preparing for kayak trip. This would be Leon’s second time ever in a kayak.

02 Leon in the kayak.JPG

02 Alex and Leon in kayak. We put Leon in a boat with me, Maya in a boat with Rachel.

03 Rachel and Maya in kayak.JPG
03 Rachel and Maya in kayak. Having not enough bread to feed the ducks, we had to bring a bag of tortilla chips, which Maya discovered were also tasty for people.

04 Rachel and Maya feeding ducls.jpg

04 Rachel and Maya feeding ducks. Today, we attracted mallards, wood ducks, and Canada geese.

05 Paddling under 520 bridge construction.JPG

05 Paddling under SR 520 bridge construction. Foster Island is a maze of urban and natural features, perfect for kayaking.

06 Leon approaching bridge.jpg

06 Leon approaching bridge. Leon loves being outdoors—so many interesting things to look at.

07 Alex and Leon kayaking Arboretum.jpg
07 Leon and me approaching arboretum landing beach. When Leon grew a little fussy, I removed his life jacket to cheer him up.

08 Leon trailing fingers from kayak.jpg

08 Leon trailing fingers in the water. Leon was so excited to discover he could reach the water I had to squeeze him between my knees to keep him from diving headlong out of the boat.

09 Maya waving stick.jpg

09 Maya waving stick. There were some aggressive, hissy geese at the landing beach, but they were no match for Maya and her goose-chasing stick.

10 Alex Leon and parents at arboretum.jpg

10 Grandpa John and Baban at landing beach, arboretum. My parents made a surprise visit to the arboretum just as we were taking off the water.


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Sep 17, 2012
An older sister … Just wait, the dynamics are instinctual. It’s a continual “balancing of the scales of justice”. But behind it, is brotherly-sisterly love. Just might not be recognizable during the teenage years :)