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Kayaks for Rental House


Aug 28, 2012
My wife and I have been lucky enough to own a home on Bainbridge island that we use as a vacation rental. The house is on Puget Sound beach. We keep our Aquanaut and Scorpio at the house but are looking for two basic kayaks that we can allow our guests to use. Thus I need suggestions for either new or used boats, that are economical, relatively bombproof and are not likely to get people into too much trouble. I would like to avoid having either a skeg or a rudder. I was looking at the Delsyk 385, which Alder Creek has on sale. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Pat Mc
I would probably stick to sit on top kayaks for a rental property with people of varying skill levels using them. Maybe one or two of those doubles that can have the seat also positioned in the center to be used as singles.
I have a Delsyk Nifty 385(with extensive cockpit mods) that currently serves as my rock-gardening boat, Skookumchuck surfing boat, and for a while was my go-to for most paddling up to 3 days. It's most recent use was as a loaner boat to my friend who has never really paddled and needed something very stable(she's also fairly small/light) . The Nifty has done it all, and done it well. It does suffer rock gardening damage a bit easier than I wish (soft-ish plastic), but that's my only complaint. Super newbie-friendly, does not need a skeg or rudder because it tends to go where you point it, yet turn nicely when needed.
Thanks for the input on the Delsyk 385. My needs are driven by an attempt to keep my costs low including used boats. Alder Creek has cleared out their 385's so I am looking at CD Solara 120 amongst other used boats.