kitchen accessory as kayak hatch accessory


Feb 27, 2006
I've been using this little trick for a couple of years and finally remembered to post about it.

I carry a little silicone-bristled basting brush in the deck hatch of my skeg boat. The bristles are good for flicking away the sand and grit that accumulate on the hatch-to-coaming contact surfaces. And if you use the OEM hatches on a Valley boat, you know that with the main compartment hatches you need to press the lower lip of the hatch cover into the recessed groove around the coaming for a proper seal. The tip of the brush handle is just pointy enough to do this, without being so sharp it will cut or gouge the rim. Especially nice in shoulder seasons or winter, when fingertips are sensitive and rubber is stiff.

PXL_20220701_235410808 basting brush.jpg

PXL_20220701_235519283.MP sealing the Valley Hatch lip.jpg