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Kitty Coleman Marine Park

Denis Dwyer

Mar 17, 2009
Metairie, Louisiana
Kitty Coleman Marine Park

49°47.29N x 124°59.72W

Kitty Coleman is a conveniently located Marine Park for any kayaker paddling the east coast of Vancouver Island.
It is 16 miles (25.6km) north of Sandy Island, 9 miles (14.4km) south of Kuhushan Point and 21 miles (33.6km) south of the Thunderbird Campground in Campbell River.
There is a convenient spot to camp by a concrete boat ramp that enters a small creek.
This creek can be used to land out of waves at mid to high tide levels.
The beach here is medium sized rocks that could create a problem if landing in waves.
Campsites may be empty but reserved by others so kayakers should check in with the campground host before setting up. I visited here on a weekday and it was fairly empty. It may be filled with RV’rs on a busy summer weekend.
There is a small fee ($13 in 2012) to camp here that the campground host will collect in cash.
Pavilions, pit toilets, picnic tables and water are available.

Here is a link to the BC Parks web site: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explor ... leman_bch/

Kitty Coleman on Google Earth


The boat ramp can be seen entering the creek at mid to high tide.

The beach is composed mostly of medium sized rocks.

Pavilions are available for rainy days.