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Jun 14, 2005
New Hazelton, BC
Because you never know when you may have to fight off a Great White. As mentioned in my Self-Rescues thread in the Paddling Safety forum ("A rollicking good read", enthuses Astoriadave, "Amazingly clumsy writing and paddling", states fester) I lost my Gerber "Shorty" knife last night and am looking for a replacement. Anyone had any experience with the Wenoka Squeeze titanium knife. I want to be able to affix the sheath upside down on my Guide's vest (the only guiding I do is to the local watering holes) and wonder if the Wenoka will handle that without inadvertent loss.
jurgenk said:
As mentioned in my Self-Rescues thread in the Paddling Safety forum I lost my Gerber "Shorty" knife last night and am looking for a replacement. I want to be able to affix the sheath upside down on my Guide's vest (the only guiding I do is to the local watering holes) and wonder if the Wenoka will handle that without inadvertent loss.
The McNett Saturna River Knife on the same page looks good, also, and at half the cost. I expect either one would fend of alesnatchers of either gender ... problem I have had with PFD knives is loss, for sure, just like you lost yours, so I have goe to ever cheaper knives.
I've got the McNett River Knife which I'm very happy with. I attached a lanyard to it and secured the other end inside one of my pockets. I tuck the lanyard into the pocket so it doesn't get in the way, but a simple tug and it pulls out
Since both of you are not offering me any justification for purchasing the most expensive item on the page, the McNett it is. Also, the fact that you can "bolt it" on is a big factor as the Gerber uses friction plastic plugs and one of those already tried to take a runner on me. Thanks again fellows, and Dave I love the new photo :wink: .
I was also looking for a knife to attach to my PFD.

I chose the Wenoka Stainless.

Why the stainless over the Titanium?

Basically the tip. The titanium version has a sharp tip whereas the stainless has a blunt one.

If your like me with sharp objects ... thats the way to go.

Also the sheath and locking mechanism is bombproof. You can haul on the knife as hard as you like and it will not release thereby preventing inadvertant loss.

Even squeezing just one side of the knife it will not let go. You actually have to give both sides a squeeze and then the knife slides right out of the sheath.

If your worried about it being potentially jammed in while under stress don't be... as soon as you grab the handle out she flies.

The other reason for the stainless... get two for the price of one titanium.

In short.. I'm really statisfied with my decision.
I can thoroughly recommend the Titanium squeeze

- used on on our recent 56 day expedition around Sweden - it was immersed in salt water for 56 days and obviously no rusting (which we got with stainless steel items) - great blade, even comes in useful for clearing skegs.

We chose the blunt tip which is a definite bonus in a kayak when you need to use your knife in rough conditions (which is the most likely scenario). Titanium is brilliant - no rust and very light. If you tour, you will appreciate the weight saving. I fitted mine with a lanyard, stuffed the excess line into the nearest pocket and never had a problem.

Only thing to watch is fine sand in the squeeze locking mechanism - easy to clear out but it can stick if you dont check it regularly - this is not a problem getting the knife out but needs to be cleared before locking it back into place.

ps we were sponsored by Deepsee for the knives but only after exhaustive searching for what we thought was the ideal knife - we weren't dissapointed!

Thanks Kenkari for the PM (just checked it) and idealmilk for the advice. Read your other post im, welcome and that sounded like a brilliant expedition. I ended up going for the "cheap" McNett knife as I am currently in the middle of a fiscal downturn. Had an absolutely beautiful paddle last night as I chased the sun's dotted reflection across the swells as it went down. An hour on the water in a kayak is worth so much more than the like on dry land...
Hi jurgenk

ah yes couldn't agree more - I was also out tonight kayaking for function as well as pleasure - getting a bit of training in for the 40km Stockholm canoe Marathon a week Saturday. Training is a 10km circuit around Kungsholmen where we live, which means paddling into the heart of Stockholm, past the impressive City Hall (water is always great fun there as it catches the wind and the wake of the ferries) then up a long mostly tree lined canal - managed it in an hour tonight so i was steaming by the end - finished with a couple of rolls to cool off. Great thing about Stockholm, apart from the fact that it is a city of water and granite islands, is that so many people kayak: I came across 20 kayakers in small groups and that was just one hour on a Wednesday evening.
I picked up a Wenoka Squeeze stainless to attach to my pfd. It looks like a pretty good one despite the bad reviews on MEC. Have had it out paddling a couple of times now and I barely notice it's there. Which is good because when I do notice it's there I get mildly embarrased at the macho-ness of packing a blade on your shoulder, rambo style. It locks onto the lash tab with a screw so is pretty secure, and the squeeze lock seems solid.

Was wondering what other kinds of knives people bring along when kayak camping, or even day tripping. I have a couple of swiss army knives and find they do almost everything I need a knife to do. I decided I needed a more solid fixed blade 'survival' type knife so I recently bought one of the Frosts River Knives from MEC. Very nice! Sharp, light and sturdy. Makes a great kitchen knife as well. Between this, the swiss army, and the pfd knife, I'm not sure I need much more, even for a longer camping trip.
That's not a knife... this is a knife :shock:


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
i have been using the ss squeeze now for about 6 years on my pfds....Love it....great to use...easy access....rusting not badly considering how much time it spends in the salt!

i also carry a thin scuba line cutter....flat....has two protected razor blades...
sort of like this one:
tucked away into my pocket...

i just found this one online....interesting!!!
This is the best one I have had .Its a Spyderco Caspian 2 salt. Was looking for a titanium knife but the design of this one was impressive to me.
Now that's an interesting looking knife!

After using my Wenoka on a few paddles I decided that I just wasn't comfortable packing a visible knife on my pfd, for most paddles. For longer trips or where I'm not going to be around people I'll use it. For launching out of Deep Cove, or English Bay...I just don't feel okay with it. So I picked up one of these to keep in the pfd pocket:


Very nice knife for $20! And blunt tip should help keep me from stabbing myself. I've used $20 knives before and the Byrd series is head and shoulders above anything else I've ever tried.
Oh, btw that's a Byrd Meadowlark Rescue...the bargain version of some of the Spyderco rescue knives.
I too, went through the knife selection process. Ended up as well with Wenoka Squeeze SS from MEC. I like the locking design - a very positive one. The knife is located on the shoulder of my MsFit Tour, so it would not be on the way while performing self-rescue.

What I do not like is the quality of steel in that model. It is way too soft; its edge holding ability is next to zero. For that matter, it is next to impossible to sharpen the knife properly. And yet, and I'm sure that everyone agrees witth me, sharp blade should be the primary function of every knife. At his point I should ask all of you: have you checked sharpness of your knife's blade lately?

Last summer I tried to use my knife for opening oysters. It worked ok, but during the process the blade bent and twisted and it took me some time to bring it back to a reasonable shape by hammer remodelling it at home.

Of course, I can blame only myself for choosing wrong model. There are literally dozens of types available. But, why distributors even bother to sell something that is pretty useless in the real world?

Normally, I do not have any qualms about taking products that do not work back to the dealer. In this case though, after all that oyster abuse and rehammering, I'd not feel comfortable with doing so.
i have two Wenoka Squeeze knives, but mine are the Titanium blade models. one large, one smaller. the locking mechanism is not as good as the S/S model, but if you want a sharp blade that stays sharp titanium is great stuff. (makes a far better knife than it does a cookpot.)