Kynumpt Harbour, Campbell Island


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
Kynumpt Harbour is a sheltered bay at the N end of Campbell Island. It is a convenient first/last campsite for trips along Seaforth Channel from/to Bella Bella.

The SW shore of Kynumpt Harbour has a steep shingle beach that backs onto a narrow flat neck of land, Green Neck, that separates Kynumpt Harbour from Norman Morison Bay in Raymond Passage. This is the campsite, several sites have been cleared for tents among the trees and blackberry bushes (52 12.2' N, 128 10.3' W, from SPOT GPS on the beach). We had no problem camping here with an overnight high tide of 4.2 m at Bella Bella but a spring high tide would flood the beach.

There is no fresh water locally. There is no outhouse. Also see page 139 of Wild Coast 2.

Narrow Beach at Kynumpt Harbour (July 29, 2009, tide 4.0 m at Bella Bella)

Old pilings on the beach at Kynumpt Harbour (July 30, 2009, tide 2.9 m at Bella Bella)

Leaving our campsite at Kynumpt Harbour (July 30, 2009, tide 3.2 m at Bella Bella)

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