large area of Young Point, Lasqueti Is - saved by BC Parks Fund


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May 15, 2005
BC Parks fund has successfully purchased a large tract of land at the important SE portion of Lasqueti Is.
This is a large area with a nice wild coastline with multiple potential sites that hopefully some of which will be available for small boaters to use. It is a key stepping stone for kayakers etc to transit mid Georgia Strait let alone for the attractiveness of the area itself.

the area:

Potential locations of interest:

some views:
I think 'Hidden Bay' would be a great refuge from the raging seas:

Or some possibilities at or near Tahini Cove:

or the East area:

Looks great to me!
Very cool. What about the homes/cabins along the coast there? looks like one peeking out of the trees in the Tahini cove pic and I seem to remember seeing a few more along there?

Your Hidden Bay pic surprised me at first, how could I have missed that while paddling there? Then I found it on the map and realized that we'd always skipped that portion of Lasquit coast, heading over to Sangster instead. Looks like it might be a nice spot!
My presumption is that the previously [presently?] inhabited areas will require some preplanning and will likely be not publicized but maybe down the line be kind of like 'Homesite' at the Cockburn site west. or even used for maintenance, etc.

But that still leaves quite a few provocative alternatives of which a few can hopefully can be designated for an overnight stay - at present BC parks are not on side with overnight stays in Squitty Pk, but arguments might be more easily presented with the larger area [it can't all be just for residents and power boaters, huh? The present argument against is if pple use it while cooking they might burn it down, right?]. However, it's a lovely picturesque part of the coast. Plus I'm sure some of the sites like at the east end will be 'King of the World' sites.

Sangster is private too, so sad.
I'd bypassed 'Hidden Bay' as well in regards to pre-planning site investigation, but that's because it was all private as well - so no point at that time. But now, just looks so cozy. I can just imagine at high water and big seas, and running the gap to total calmness beyond.
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This parcel is ideal for an overnight paddlers' haven when crossing the Strait, so when SKABC contributed to its purchase, we made just that point to the BC Parks Foundation who were raising the funds.
Their reply however suggests (once again) that this is not going to be so easy:
"We have had quite a lot of emails from the local community regarding camping. The concern is fire, and this summer brought that to the fore as the whole island was on edge all summer. When Squitty Bay was created I understand that the community fought BC Parks hard about having camping, and in the end they agreed that it would be on Jedediah. That likely explains the resistance to having something near Squitty now."

However we can have hope - BCPF's ED also says
"I am happy to arrange some discussions with the local community so that we can come up with a reasonable plan for the area."