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Let's talk about Coffee!


Jul 1, 2005
Victoria BC
As many of you know, I'm really rarely being seen without a cup of coffee in my hands :D Well, I'm addicted... It also doesn't help my addiction that my wife is working for a coffee roaster (www.levelground.com) :lol:

Therefore it is really difficult to impress me with a black brew.... :roll:

Anyhow, I was carrying one of those ones http://www.javajuiceextract.com/ around in my camping gear for over a year, afraid that it would be a another cheap crappy tasting brew I never opened it. Well today I was kind of desperate to get a shot I brewed one up. And WOW!!! That stuff is amazing :shock: I really couldn't believe how nice it tasted.

Even though I was highly impressed about the taste, I don't like the waste it creates... But the ideal solution for ultra light backpacking and for " emergencies " .

What coffee and what brew method do you prefer?


We have three local roasters, in a county of about 40.000 souls. I get a 50:50 blend of sumatra mandheling (decaf) and Ethiopian yirgacheffe (leaded) from one of the locals, and run boiling water through a cone filter, heavy on the beans ... one cup each morning unless Becky is around, in which case it is more like three cups!

Yeah, I like good coffee, also.

Oh, but the water is not heated with the burner of the demented, so it is probably no good. :wink:
Andreas... to be a true JavaJuice purist... (and tea too).

JJ tastes best when the water is 'off the boil' and not at a rolling boil when added to the extract. Let it sit for a minute after it's boiled or take it off the Trangia before it reaches the rolling boil stage. You'll save fuel that way too :wink: .
The water I used today was just "right". And you are right it tasted even better a couple of minutes after I mixed it up :D

Do you know where I can refill my supply here in town?

How convienent, I just bought an MSR mugmate coffee filter/maker this afternoon.[/img]
Everytime I think I've found the perfect coffee, it's different the next time. I guess that's the thing with the small batch roasters, sometimes it's perfect sometimes it's not. Guess it's all part of the adventure right?

Best I've ever had was in a little coffee shop in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. The Square where all the Mariachi's hang out, looking for work ;)

Andreas brews a pretty wicked cuppa though :wink:

Lets talk about coffee

I really enjoy that morning cup of coffee on the beach or the trail. Most of the time it seems I am the only one that drinks it so I pack a couple of options. I carry along fresh ground beans in a tight, waterproof container and do like the cowboys do. Boil the water, pour into a cup with a tablespoon and a half of grinds. While it sits brewing, I mix a couple of teaspoons of powdered milk in cold water. After 2 minutes, drizzle the cold water or powdered milk around the top of the cup. After one minute, the grinds precipitate and you have a nice cuppa. The science behind it escapes me but it works.

This takes time, and for the days when time is missing the tide, I boil up water and add a teaspoon or so of Maxwell House instant with powdered milk.

It works, but you wouldn't catch me doing it at home.
Take your best grounds and make a tea bag out of a Mr Coffee paper filter. Boil the tea bag for 5 minutes and you have the best cup of home brewed coffee on the trail... no grinds, no mess, no measuring.
camper10469 said:
Take your best grounds and make a tea bag out of a Mr Coffee paper filter. Boil the tea bag for 5 minutes and you have the best cup of home brewed coffee on the trail... no grinds, no mess, no measuring.

been there, done that. went back to a travel mug that is it's own french press.

After reading this thread way back when, I bookmarked the aeropress, as I'm always looking for an improved gizmo to add to the kit. One of the local coffee shops started carrying them so I picked one up.

It makes a GREAT cup of coffee. Low acid, since you brew for only about 10-15 seconds. Filtered, so no grinds. (My aging tummy can't handle a french press). The paper filters are actually reusable, so you only end up with this puck of grinds to dispose of.

You press through a double espresso-sized serving and add water to taste. Cafe Americano type brew.

The watery results I was getting from my 1-cup drip-filter thingy over the mug was miserable. That morning cup is a crucial part of the day. I wouldn't camp without an aeropress. Even use it at home.

GREAT cup of coffee. Usual disclaimer, no affiliation etc.
I haven't looked around very much, but I've seen them at espressotec in Richmond for $38.

The key (imo) to good coffee is getting the grind right, and getting it fresh. I have a hand grinder that I can take car camping.

You know, if I was rich and obsessive, I would get a vacuum package sealer. I think I bought one for work for like $400. lol. Grind at home, vacuum seal, and take 'er into the wilderness.
Heh, you guys and your 'fancy' coffee. :roll:

My favorite coffee out in the bush, is Tasters Choice with a little spoon of condensed milk. A friend turned me onto it years ago. It's seriously good, kind of a bush version of Vietnamese desert coffee.