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Lightweight Camp Stoves

I've had the larger ti version for a couple of years and I'm still impressed with it. No other stove I'm aware of packs flatter. It's very light too. Keeping a fire going is easy, but it's best to set it on a surface that will not be damaged by heat. This makes it necessary to use an old pie tin or something similar when you use it on a wood picnic table.
Very similar to the UK Pocket Stove. The larger UK Honey Stove works nicely if you need a wider cooking surface. Both available in Ti and SS.
For reference, here's the two stoves mentioned above:

honey stove link - http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/bushcraft/RD106.html
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I should have noted that if you own a UK Honey Stove you can use four of the six panels and voila you have the smaller Pocket Stove. The Pocket stove works with twigs, a Trangia burner, Esbit (hexamine) fuel and some of the smaller MeOH alcohol burners. It is very versatile. If you follow the link which was provided above you can watch a couple of neat videos on the product.
Whidbey, how is the titanium holding up?

It's still good as new after multiple uses. Of course, it's not as pretty anymore since the metal is now discolored from heat, but that's to be expected. The pieces haven't warped, but even if they did they are so thin an flexible that I doubt any warpage would affect performance or ease of assembly.
ditto on Daren's stove.

The Honey and Emberlit stoves look very well produced, but neither of them utilize the 'stack effect' or Daren's [that helps some amount with damp wood and with even flame distribution around the pot]. There are compromises that this gives, but I think the benefits outweigh. The provision of various heights for an alcohol burner etc. in the Honey is a great idea.