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Long Harbour ,Salt Springs Island launch site

Peppermint Patty

New Member
Jan 17, 2012
Looking for information about a kayak launch near the Long Harbor ferry terminal on Salt Spring Island. I will be walking on the ferry with the kayak and hope that there is a nearby easy launching spot.
Dont know. However google earth street view makes it look like there is a beach access there, but not sure how friendly the beach is. I wonder if bc ferries staff could point you in the right direction?
Long Harbour
1000 Long Harbour Road
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2L8
Phone: 250-537-5313
Fax: 250-537-2895
Yep, there is a launch right across the street from the ticket booth. A concrete trail leads down to the beach. Caution: it is steep, so if you are solo, you will want to completely unload your boat before rolling down.

It's a great launch for Prevost. Have fun!

Here's a few pics of the access.

down the ramp - fairly steep, but 2 people or unloading may be required:

ramp and landing:

The right angle transition at the bottom from ramp to stairs is a little awkward. If the tide is high, you might be able to use the slide off the cart method, otherwise 2 people or an unloaded boat makes the most sense.


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Has anyone done this lately? We're planning on bringing our kayaks over on carts from tsawassen and using this launch. Curious if it's still possible.
negatives don't prove anything, but I haven't heard of new problems there.
But hey, take a chance - we did - and even if it is almost impossible, there's likely some way to get your gear into the water - especially if there's two of you to make it easier.
Just take some extra line in case lining out of some sort is required.

If I was alone for example, I'd tie the upper end off to one of the upper rail stiles with a friction wrap or two and use that to assist lowering the loaded yak down the steep walkway so that it didn't get away. Or alternatively, unload it all, ease the boat down the ramp [maybe lining also] and then load up on the beach - or in the water if beach flooded.

There's gotta be some way. And then to all our silent applause, tell us how you did it or what to do to make it easier.