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Looking for a new stove

rider and dvfrggr

Jetboil DOES look neat, but isn't it kinda clumsy to wash in camp? I only boil water in the jetboil kettle so it's basically hot rinsed and ready to dry and pack. I carry another small pot and nested cup (SS) for making messes.

are they turning out to be reliable? Mine withstood the rigors of 5 trips this season. Excellent fuel economy. Fast, self igniter works super.

do you find you use extra care in packing the jet boil in your kayak?
I pack mine in it's self contained configuration, no extra bagging, etc.
I chinese puzzle my outfit into the boat(Khats) so the stove always goes in the same spot.

should i put the jet boil back on my next b-day list? yeah gearhead 8)
Forget the gas stoves, go swedish

Hi all,

In my humble opinion, the best stove so far on the market is the swedish made Trangia, uses pure alcohol as fuel, is efficient, packs to a minimum with all pots and pans, is noiseless, and leaves only water after the alcohol is burned.

check it out at


:) Westcoastwill
Looks like a neat system. Here in Canada, pure alcohol is a 'controlled substance' (availability is controlled by the government) so it's almost impossible to get - certainly for a camping stove. But I noticed they make another burner for gas, and have canadian distributorship.
finally someone who knows about the trangia :D i agree this is THE best campstove ever! i will bring mine to portland and give you guys a little demonstration :wink:
for the fuel: the alcohol you get here is way better then the one in germany! the europien one leaves black stain marks on the pots :roll: the one here (sold in hard ware stores) is called denatured alcohol or marine stove fuel.

the only down side about the trangia is the time it needs to bring water to boil--but when you are camping, you have time right?!

i will also bring the vaude mark2 tent just to show you guys a another great german product :lol:
weellllll, :roll: :lol: we have to work on that :D

how come that you know german?

tschuess , wir sehen uns ja naechsten freitag

trangia stove:

you can get it in 3 div. sizes at www.mec.ca

http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_deta ... 3902218118


the red bottle (left side of the picture) is a normal 1 liter sigg bottle--1 liter of alcohol lasts for a week (2 people-breaky-lunch-supper)
There is no more to say for the great Trangia, if you guys will get a demonstration next week, i bet, you will go to the MEC on monday and buy one!

I am using the titanium pots and pan, very light and great stuff, the only thing, you dont want to use the pots on campfires. my friends Don & Daniela, who got also convinvced to go for the Trangia went for the "duossal" pots, a aluminium layer on the outside and a sainless steel layer on the inside of the pot.

Andreas: great bike touring photo by the way, where was that?

Boy, i wish, i could come over for the paddle trip next weekend!

:D westcoastwill
My main issue with the Trangia is the lesser fuel value, per unit of weight (or volume) of alcohol (C2H6O), compared to hydrocarbon-based fuels (such as butane; C4H10). IOW, when on a longer trip, space inside my kayak becomes a premium. The fuel value for alcohol is about 12,800 BTU/lb while butane runs about 20,900 BTU/lb, and white gas (20,400 BTU/lb) is similar to butane. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_of_combustion ). This means I need to pack about three fuel bottles of alcohol to get the fuel value of two bottles of gasoline.

In addition, the temperature of an alcohol flame is significantly lower, making for slower heat-up when boiling water and stir-frying is pretty tough using alcohol.

There are other advantages of an alcohol stove over a hydrocarbon-fueld one, but for me, lesser fuel value trumps those features. Whatever floats your boat, though; I recognize I have stepped into a religious issue for many! :) :wink:
if the quantity of fuel you need to take along is an issue, and you go for extended trips with out any chance to restock your supply, you have a point on the gas stove, but if i have to be really carefull and want to save fuel, there is allways lots of driftwood.

Hi andreas.

i visited your web site, great stuff. check out a bike trip from dear friends


they went for a long trip.
in 1998 the 3 of us biked from vancouver b.c. via the cascades to lake tahoe.

how was the weekend paddle trip?


westcoastwill said:
if the quantity of fuel you need to take along is an issue, and you go for extended trips with out any chance to restock your supply, you have a point on the gas stove, but if i have to be really carefull and want to save fuel, there is allways lots of driftwood.
Yeah, I like wood fires, and they work well, especially if you have a large surface area pan or grill -- nothing finer than the even heat they give you for pancakes, etc.

The lower flame temp alcohol provides is a real problem if you're trying to stir fry or braise something. The curse of being a foodaholic, I guess! :lol: :wink:
Brunton Nova

Does anybody have any experience with Brunton Nova stove?

Just get a dragonfly. You'll need the superior simmer control for making those peanut butter and bacon sandwhiches
fester said:
Just get a dragonfly. You'll need the superior simmer control for making those peanut butter and bacon sandwhiches

Peanut butter and bacon? Sounds tasty. You should try bacon peanut butter burgers. Mmmmm. They keep a jar of peanut butter at Burger Heaven just for me. 8)
Re: Brunton Nova

wetelvis said:
Does anybody have any experience with Brunton Nova stove?
Everything that I've heard about the Nova stove has been positive except for one thing that bothers some people...

To turn off the stove, you must invert the fuel bottle for about 30 seconds -- this is to inject air into the line to rid the fuel line of any unspent fuel and reduce carbon build-up. Some people seem to have a problem with turning the fuel bottle over, others don't. The connector to the fuel bottle is clearly marked with "ON" and "OFF" on each side to make it easy. Personally, I don't have a problem with this method as it works and keeps the stove and lines clean.

Some of the Primus stoves also turn off by inverting the fuel bottle.

A nice thing about the Nova is that it can burn practically any fuel that you throw at it -- it will even hook up to a butane/propane fuel canister.

I think the metal fuel pump mechanism is a lot better constructed than the plastic MSR pumps (which although I've never had a problem with mine, are prone to breaking if handled roughly).

MSR has a new pump for the dragonfly. It uses a threaded metal bushing on the control valve. Some other things have been re-engineered as well.

If you do choose the dragonfly, make sure you get the model which comes with the new pump.

MSR's customer service phone # is 1-800-531-9531
Fester, you may not look like the brightest bulb of the bunch but you have brought up many good points about stoves.
wish i had found this thread sooner! :D
lets all chant now.... TRANGIA! TRANGIA! TRANGIA!!!
you've probly figured out by now that i like alcohol burners. i have a trangia kit with aluminum pots. love it!! need more burners for more pots? build them out of a couple of soda cans! i've got a bucket full of alcohol burners made from cans. yes you can simmer on a trangia burner. they don't make a sound. you can get fuel in a pinch at any grocery store (fundue fuel). it leaves a bit of a blue stain at the burner ports but so what.
i bought my trangia kit before mec was carrying them and i had to deal directly with trangia. i had to wait an extra week because they were busy outfitting an everest expedition. doesn't that say something? i took mine on a ten day solo trip in barkely sound a few years ago. what's an o ring? what's a gasket? what's priming an asbestos cord?