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Looking for yellow shock cord


Wave Seeker
Sep 18, 2010
British Columbia, Canada
I'm searching for some yellow 1/4" shock cord in the Vancouver area. My current bungees are starting to fray.

I have called West Marine, Steveston Marine, Ecomarine, and Western Canoe and Kayak. I would rather pick it up somewhere local as opposed to ordering it online.

And yes, I could just settle for standard black... but that's no fun is it now?

I would like some Lime Green shock cord but have only found it online and the shipping is just as much as the cord. Less than 50 bucks, still thats too much when its 20 just for the cord.
I bought some reflective luminous paracord thinking it might be good to replace the 1/4" rope around my kayak but found out its only 1/8". Too bad, I would like my kayak to glow and reflect at night.
Anyone local with multi colored shock/Bungee cord would be a benefit thats for sure.
Any order across the border over 20 bucks is subject to taxes duty and brokerage fees.
I use a shipping company out of Blane and pick it up from the Victoria airport, pay taxes at customs and then pick it up and pay the shipping costs that are pretty reasonable. Its called Seawings. They might do a Vancouver route too, check their website if your interested.
Anywhere overseas though and your paying the whole lot and that can mount to three times the cost of the item itself.
That makes it totally not worth my time.
I will never use ups again...
I hope someone steps up with the colored shock cord, I need 20' just so you know :wink:
Tiger Tsunami.
You might want to also check out Industrial Plastics and Paint in their Marine section.


I'm still looking (although I moved this weekend... so things got pushed aside) and I really appreciate the help. Dan, thank you for calling Outdoor Innovations for me, you didn't have to, but again I appreciate it. :)

I found some on clcboats.com (http://www.clcboats.com/shop/products/b ... -cord.html)

mstoc.co, I'll give Industrial Plastics and Paint a call, they are near my work... if not I'll order online.

Thank you everyone!
Sorry, just catching up on some reading here. This is an old thread but I'll post anyway, in case you still haven't had any luck. I'm just wondering if you could get white shock cord and dye it - I've had great success dying plastic (nylon, actually) pieces for r/c stuff (yes, quadcopters - I know you know what those are!) so I think dying shock cord could work well too. I guess it just depends on what the outer 'shell' material is made from - gotta be some nylon in there! I've got lots of dye so maybe I'll try a test piece some time - could make for some interesting possibilities the next time one of my boats is ready for a shock cord replacement!
Michaels stores has these colors no Yellow though.......This unfinished bungee cord is 4.8 meters (16’) long and 5mm in gauge. Available in the following colours:
•Black / White
•White / Black
•Orange / Red
•Green / Purple
•Royal Blue / White
•Turquoise / Black / Gray
•White / Blue
•Dark Gray / White
•Red / Black
•Solid Black
One thing I would be concerned about when dying shock cord is how fast it will fade due to UV degradation. I've dyed feathers for fly tying and have had friends leave their flies in an open box on the dash of their vehicles. I saw one black coloured fly turn violet, then a bright pink before completely fading to the original white. This as a fly I had dyed the feathers on and gave to a friend and the colour fading occurred over a three month period of time.

I would assume if you purchased coloured cord, the manufacturer would have used UV stabilizer in the production of the material to help reduce the UV fading.