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Making a poly boat go faster

Waxing a poly boat is silly. My work background is in auto body, and honestly I would never do it. Shave off the big nasty curls and make sure you have good contact with the boat, install gas pedal type rudder pedals for much improved leg drive over slider type pegs, but leave wax alone...
I don't shave the curls I use a plumbers torch and glove with a flame and smooth method. A couple of licks with the flame and rub it smooth with the glove. Don't not hesitate too long in one spot or you will discolour the plastic.
Construction of my Osprey is finally nearing completion! As I contemplate beginning the finishing phase and being in the Zen zone of sanding and more sanding, I wonder if the presence of some unavoidable drips and runs might serve as turbulators making my paddling more efficient due to lower hydrodynamic drag? I could save a day or two and get right into the beauty phase of varnishing.
So I shaved and waxed and the boat feels like it moves easier thru the water, but the speed is not noticeable and I tested it with my wife and 2 friends last week when we took a 6.7 km paddle and turned it into an 11.5 km slalom afternoon. A lot of fun but seriously unscientific and the post paddle beers erased any caring I might have had about me speed.