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Maligne Lake


Jul 11, 2010
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi all, new to the site but I have been reading your posts for a while.

My good friend and I are getting back into kayaking after 15+ years away from it (I have never used a sea kayak before, only white water) but we are now more interested in the touring aspect (we hike a lot and were on the West Coast Trail 2 years ago)

Our first trip will be Maligne Lake on the 19th, has anyone done this lake before, any tips :D

Look forward to sharing future trips and getting more tips from you guys.

Calgary Paddler (Andy)
As with all of the mountain lakes, while the air (in summertime) can be lovely and warm, the water is glacial. Winds (again, as always in the mountains) can "come out of nowhere". So don't be fooled into thinking that a pair of shorts, T-shirt and pfd are all that's really required. Other than that, the photographic opportunities are excellent.
Beautiful beautiful area. Haven't paddled there since 71. I have a few lasting memories, how beautiful Maligne Lake was , waking up in my tent with a herd of a couple of dozen Elk all around me,and how cold water was around there. I had come from southern Ontario. We had to get out of the canoe on Jasper lake and walk in ankle deep water several hundred feet to shore. By the time we got there we were in real pain. You just don't fall in or have appropriate gear.
At the time we just had piss and vinegar, and a tee shirt. We survived and had great stories to tell. You could use better gear and still have great stories,,,,,sounds like an old guy talking now. Have a great time and take some pics
Get up early and be halfway down the lake before the tour boats start up in the morning! They start at 10am