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Milne Island in Laredo Sound


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
Sheltered rock and sand beach at the NE corner of Milne Island with plenty of space for camping both on the beach and in several cleared areas in the trees (52 36.8' N, 128 46.2' W from SPOT GPS on the beach). There is no fresh water on Milne Island (it is less than a km long) but there are numerous creeks on adjacent Princess Royal Island. No outhouse. One of our party camped on the beach and did not encounter any problem with an overnight high tide of 4.5 m at Bella Bella. A good base for exploring Laredo Sound and accessing Meyers Passage, Laredo Channel and Laredo Inlet. Also see Wild Coast 2 page 214.


Milne Island beach and campsite, July 6, 2009, tide level 2.5 m at Bella Bella.