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my first ever carnage and repair ( sof )


Jun 14, 2021
Kootenays BC
I saw a nasty rock about 3 1/2 inches under the surface yesterday when I need about 4 inches to clear.
It was of course too late so I scraped it hard.

The worst hole was almost the size of a quarter.

No damage to the Western Larch ribs. That wood is tough.

Thankfully the ribs stopped most of the water from from just gushing in so I was able to paddle around 3km close to my car and still had less than 2 inches water inside.
Oddly enough the fabric only ripped under the ribs.

Then the repair last night.


Nicely sewn up.

Then some silicone to fill the holes.

I never would have guessed the white silicone was almost a perfect match for the original fabric.

I have since clearcoated the patches and am hopefully good to go this evening.
Less than 2 hours to patch 4 holes wasn't bad.

I will see how much more damage I do by next spring and may sew on a new skin.
I should mention, I don't baby my equipment.
In the 2 months or so since I finished it I have easily put on several hundred km in both fresh and salt water.


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I bet the fabric only tore where the ribs are because everywhere else it could flex.

Good to see it's patched up easily.
Thank you CPS,

I took it out for an amazing paddling experience tonight and stayed dry.
The water around Hornby was almost like glass and what a beautiful sunset.

It almost feels good getting the first damage, your not as worried.
Kind of like getting the first scratch on a 4X4 you intend to use off-road or a smudge on a new pair of sneakers. It "hurts" but then the next one does not "hurt" as much. And finally, each one becomes reminds us of an adventure.

John V B