Naka Creek

Denis Dwyer

Mar 17, 2009
Metairie, Louisiana
Naka Creek

50°28.645N x 126°25.660W

The “Naka Creek Recreation Site” is not a wilderness campsite but it is perfectly situated for any paddler transiting Johnstone Strait along the Inside Passage.
It is approximately 22 miles (35.2km) and a 7.5 hour paddle from Kelsey Bay and 17 miles (27.2km) and a 6 hour paddle to Flower Island.
The Robson Bight Ecological Reserve and Orca Sanctuary is just a short paddle to the west on Johnstone Strait so there is a good chance of spotting Orcas in this area.
The steep gravel beach adjacent to the camping area is perfect for landing and launching kayaks at all tide levels. There is plenty of space to camp on a grassy lawn and a few picnic tables are located in designated camping spots.
The camping area is watched over by a caretaker who lives on-site and will collect a small camping fee. Bathrooms are simple pit toilets and well water is available from the caretaker’s house. There were no other campers here on the night of my visit on 5-31-12.
Naka Creek is accessible from the main highway by a steep gravel road that I was told by the caretaker can take a toll on vehicles attempting to reach the camping area. Towed vehicles are not recommended to attempt transiting this road.

Naka Creek on Google Earth


The Naka Creek Recreation Area


The gravel beach at Naka Creek


A Naka Creek campsite

I drove in there with my subaru and put a good dent in my new exhaust. Make sure you have the clearance if you plan to drive in.
Denis mentions a fee for camping, but this is a Provincial Forest Recreation site and the government agency that runs Recreational Sites and Trails (MFLNRO!) advises us that there is no fee for camping at this site, so maybe the caretaker or someone is taking a liberty or two? I am unsure if there is a valid fee for camping there if you drive in with an RV.