Nautiraid Raid ll part measurement needed.


Dec 27, 2020
Hi all. I’m in a bit of a difficult situation. I have a Nautiraid Raid II and I’m missing a part. I lent the boat to someone and only now a year and a half later I put it together and one of the floor/ spreaders are missing. I have no idea nor does the person who used it on where it is. I took it out to inspect it as I have a trip to Baja planned in a little less than 2 months and we’ll, it won’t work without it. I tried contacting Nautiraid and haven’t heard back. I’m wondering if there is anyone out there with an early 2000’s Raid II that can photograph and measure the part in question so I can make another. I live in Seattle and seeing it in person would be best so I can do the measuring myself if that works. Or if anyone has any great ideas or a spare parts frame let me know… If anyone can do this I will be more specific on the part.

Bill in Seattle
Well, there are builders here and we've got probably way too many ideas and suggestions . . . it's a build!!

. . . so is this nautiraid similar to the situation you have? and which 'seat spreader' is it? and can the kayak go together without the spreader in question so that you can get the basic section frame separation dimensions [and thereby the minimum seat spreader dimensions]? etc etc etc
Yes, it’s one of those two floor/ spreaders. The ones with the squares of plywood on them. No I can’t put the boat together enough to measure anything. They hook together and as you press them down they push out the ends tightening the hull lengthwise. , so it’s imposable to get an accurate measurement. I need to have someone measure the exact piece for this to work. To complete things I have one of the two pieces but I’m not sure if it’s the back or front one (its been a while). The picture posted is of the on I have, it’s ether the back or front (obviously) but I think it’s the front. Note: it has an external pice of wood on it with a mast step, this was added by me, so ignore it.

thinking a bit more clearly I realized my Raid II is a 1996-97 model, the first year they changed the deck to PVC and have the hypalon for deck patch.


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I'm really really sorry, but I think you are incorrect about being able to put the boat together and getting decent section pc separation measurements. I do not know anything about these boats so I might be wrong, but hear me out . . .

I believe the boat shape is held by the gunwale, chine, and HULL_CENTRE stringers and that that hull centre stringer is attached together to form a long fairly stiff stringer and that the seat pieces essentially sit on top of it and the hull skin beside the chine stringers. This is the same format that all SOF's use. The seat pieces might also be a tight [but NOT essentially tight] fit between the section pieces . . .

Evidence of what I infer are:
- the centre stringer is not part of the seats - there are NO fittings for this essential piece, therefore I think it is separate
- there is no rigid attachment hardware from the seat base you have to the missing seat base.
- there is a pair of spacers [I think for the other seat pc also] that locates but doesn't attach to the hull stringer you have. ie because it doesn't attach, it isn't structural.
- the seat base stringers have curved ends to reduce/eliminate skin puncture - therefore they are discontinuous, therefore they are non-structural
- and I can see the shadow of the hull stringer here:

seat inquiry.jpg

So could you re-look at how your boat goes together and see if what I'm saying makes some kind of sense. The reason I'm skeptical of what you say is that those seat piecs you show - do not show any stiffening attachments to forward and sternward pieces that would be essential for hull stiffness. I believe they JUST add some small helpful extra force outward, but are not essential.

Of course someone might chime in and help you out with specific measurements, but this looks like quite a simple pc that you could easily experiment with especially because they go UNDER the section pces and I think all you have to do is to EXPERIMENT with the placement of the outward pushing X_BRACES on top of the simply over-lengthened [ie gross measurements will work] seat stringers.

so, as the mast was between the two seats, did it attach to the front or back of a section? ie was it closest to the back seat? If so it supports the idea that the seat you have is the front.
Well it has been like 10 years since I have put this thing together and I think it’s showing. I basically dreamed about it last night and you are right for the most part. It is the central “keel” that spreads the frame lengthwise and these sit on top of that but under the frames. But I do remember that the “floors“ did need to be pushed down a bit ant weren’t just drop in, but only a little.

I’m sure it’s the rear “Floor” … look at these two pictures I just found on line of a Raid II frame. The only thing wrong with the pictures is that the prices in question are sitting top of the frames, they should be under with the frames holding them down.

The mast step sits behind the front seat back. The top of the front paddler seat back frame is bolted on and can be moved back one frame to act as a seat back for a solo paddling position. You can see the small holes for the removable seat back on top of the next frame aft. Thats what the second square of plywood is for, the solo seat position.

I think I can work this out from these photos..


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Sounds great. The seat bases in you last photos are just laid in and not inserted yet as you say.

On reflection later last night, I realized that the keel alone probably has all the information that you need to get the length measurements:

- there are probably 'stops' that stops the sections from spreading when the seatbase pces are jammed between. Because of the stops and the keel curvature between the two, if you take that exact, exact measurement between the stops, subtract the front section width + back section width + the seatbase length that you have = that'll equal the exact length that the missing seatbase needs to be between the x-braces. And because you are using the curvature perimeter length, the pieces will 'snap' in place and provide some compression betw the front and back section - maybe add just, just a small 1/16" or small mm.
Add the overrun that you can get from the present seatbase and then you have the outside stringer length.

Good luck. - and show us a shot of the frame and the complete ass'y when yr done!