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Near Drowning near Kamloops

On Wednesday morning, ---- said he went out on the river to test out a motor he put on his kayak. . . “I was out and doing fine and all of a sudden my boat started to sink . . . "
my conjecture Sandy:

Launched, got into difficulty as entering main channel, 3-4 knots confused current, dumped, drifted beside dumped kayak - and didn't want to let go of tools, battery, motor, kayak whatever - and had a million opportunities to swim 10 strokes to shore . . .


. . . but instead hit the first visible hazard that was emerging right in front of him the whole time. Similar in thought process with that Comox rescue, just up a few posts, where the intitial 'rescuers' paddled right into the hazard from upstream as well.

my conjecture anyway. might have to remove, heh heh.