Need campsite info

Nick Heath

Mar 27, 2008
As part of a revived attempt to create Marine Trails along the BC Coast, information is needed from paddlers who have recently visisted some of the less-travelled routes. Specifically:
landing and launch conditions at various tide levels and weather conditions
site dry at spring high tides?
site capacity
anything of further interest..

At this time, for the trail section from Lund - Cape Caution, I would like information about any suitable sites north & west of Broughton Archipelago, but specifically:

Cullen Hbr N50° 46.330’ W126° 44.722’
Dobbin Bay N50° 47.065’ W126° 48.213’
Cockatrice Bay N50° 47.557’ W126° 49.839’
Boyles Pt N50° 49.180’ W127° 00.959’
Kenneth Bay N50° 50.008’ W127° 00.566’
Lewis Cove N50° 49.701’ W127° 03.548’
Howcraft Pt N50° 50.498’ W127° 05.049’
Raynor Gp Islands N50° 52.8’ W127° 13.8’
Blunden Hbr N50° 55.5’ W127° 14.1’ (Camping status)
City Pt N51° 09.9’ W127° 30.8’
Skull Cove incl Island N51° 03’ W127° 33.5’
Slingsby Channel N51° 05.10’ W127° 37.59’
Buccleugh Pt N51° 05.7’ W127° 39.9’
Wilkie Pt N51° 08.44’ W127° 43.58’

I am a member of SKABC.
Please post your comments to this list or, if you prefer, send them directly to me at


We might add other sites to our "please help with info" list in future - e.g. Central Coast locations.

I am certain that this project will mean a lot to paddlers in the future!!

Nick Heath