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Need help for start point in Vancouver


Dec 22, 2007

I'm going to sail around Vancouver island from middle May till middle September.
I'm looking for place where I can assemble my inflatable catamaran.
I need about two days for it and same two days in September to disassemble.
Also I'm looking for a place where I can leave my transport box. It needs 1x1.2 m area.
Pictures from our travel in Greenland - https://drive.google.com/drive/fold...sbUp4ZzA?resourcekey=0-RN-iG3iWPEuxm6j8e_M3mQ
Jericho Sailing Center selected as start-finish point.
Looking for small truck with manipulator.
Deliver from Vancouver International airport cargo and unload a box 2.40x1.20x1.0 about 340 kg
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Will need to bring a box 200x125x125 cm about 300 kg

From Vancouver Centerm Terminal to Jericho Sailing Centre?

Do you know somebody in this business?
Cool landscape photos but I was looking for more closeups of your inflatable catamaran. If you write a travel report I hope you include a little about the boat and your storage/shelter arrangements. I understand that a Cat's pontoons can provide a storage area and sleeping quarters - but not if they are inflatable. Sounds like it will be quite an adventure. My mind skipped the word, "Sail" in your first sentence and I imagined others might paddle along with you on parts of the trip. But Cat's are quick; no one will catch you - and an an inflatable, it is probably light to pull if the wind decides to take a nap.
Here is a link to original manufacturer - https://ducky.com.ua/

in forum you can find many topics originated by me, where I explain different variants of tuning D19 catamaran for long travel.

My nickname there - EMayd