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New Artificial Wave


May 31, 2005
Astoria, Oregon, USA
First watch the video:   http://kswaveco.com

Then go here for as much of the story Slater is willing to reveal: 

That is some cool looking wave. I also assume this is freshwater surfing. Wonder if it is much different, due to buoyancy and so forth of the salt chuck.
Talk about a "perfect" uniform wave though! I was imagining a Delphin taking a spin, so to speak. The possibilities!
Oh, wonder what that deal would cost to build? Seems like a fairly large "pond" to build also!
Thanks Dave, cool stuff.
Wish Slater would divulge more details. Must be some humongous slab or something generating the initial wave, with bottom shaping to make the perfect right.
That is a big wave and a lot of energy. I wonder how that much energy is released all at once. I also wonder how long it takes to reload the energy and cycle a new wave. My guess the cycle time between waves is to long for any practical use. This looks more like an attempt to raise capital. It might be to soon to dig out your old board wax!

several credible blogs have been hard at work trying to find his secret spot. there is a 99% probability that it is an old, abandoned artificial lake water skiing facility located in California.


ps - never mind the delphin, I want to give that a rip in an HP surf kayak or wave ski!