New Bowen Is Park includes camping - Metro Vancouver


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May 15, 2005
Unfortunately minimal usable water access, so for general info only:

Metro Vancouver is proposing to spend $40 million to preserve part of a spectacular site that was being developed on Bowen Island.

This is an amazing site that should have all been preserved, but fantastic that a good part of it will be saved:

so the only useful marine accessible sites have all been taken in other areas of the original property. Here's the only useful one that I can see - it's at the extreme East border:
it has a 6-8m wide beach with ok material and slope but involves a hike over rock shelving to a sloped area with trees that likely has minimal flats, but could be used for tree hangers - I doubt that platforms would be entertained here
Very interesting news. Tents only. But it doesn’t include Cape Roger Curtis itself, which remains a very popular day hiking destination.

So is that a High "Tide only" landing zone? Reminds me of Dionisio Point's landing site on the east side of the island. A lot of timing is required with even a bit of pounding surf.
The photo is of near low so there's some sheltered mixed cobble at least down to 100mm diameter possibly less, and then a more exposed scramble and slide over logs to the hi water mark. Not easy, but not quite challenging except at moderately high water in waves let alone surf. S exposure. limited usability.
Not worth developing sites for water access - too exposed and looks like deep water adjacent.
my guess.