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New race- Alert Bay 360-July24

Lots of prize money this year, including a $4000 kayak. Last year first two or three finished in around 47 minutes. Think it's about 10 k.
Ferries leave Port McNeill at 8:40 and 11:35, etc., so the 8:40 is the only one usable on race day. Round trip fare is $32.50 for passenger and vehicle. The little ferry tends to fill up during summer, only holds about 32 cars, (or ten cars and one logging truck :roll: ).
Alert Bay's Sea Fest is that weekend, this has been added to the festivities. There's other worthwhile stuff to do, especially for families.
Results are posted. Surf skis took all the race money prizes, but there were lots of other prizes and draw prizes. The kayak was a draw prize.
Best time was around 55 mins. slower than last year.
Really decent turnout, and seems as if some tourists took part. Locals seemed to be less than half.