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Nikon 1 AW1

Searching 'ergonomic camera design', I arrive at Samsung. Not the ideal time for a visit but Samsung is showing some pull for my time ...

A camera is useful linking reality to theory in my practice of animal behavior research. Photography is not recreation more of a tool. More gun than toy...POINT N SHOOT !

NOW NOW...NOT point and juggle.

The difference begins as obvious then wanders off in search of the expletive deleted exposure system

Samsung's new offering in ergonomics not waterproofness linked here:


Waterproofness next week ...and another $200. Each time I look for camera's, costs go up 50%..Kodak's Law.
For those of you interested in the Nikon 1 AW1 for its claim of being waterproof…well, mine is.



These were taken this evening.

First shot in pouring rain, like it does sometimes here in the upper lefthand side of the continent.

I'd soon join everyone in the water and then go one step further. The camera was rapidly submerged, stayed under with me for a while, brought to the surface and purposefully dunked just for good measure a couple of times. Thought about taking a photo underwater but got the feeling that everyone was waiting for me…and they were.

Also the camera did take something of a beating since tonight I was storing it in the unprotected (large hole mesh) pocket on my spray deck and I did both a scramble and t-rescue climb onto my deck with it there.

The spray deck is a handy place for the AW1 but I'm thinking about faster access yet. We'll see what I come up with.
Ok M2G you have had this for a while now, what are your thoughts after using? I've been running a D40x, but it rarely comes out of the dry bag for photos. With the adapter I could still run all my current glass on the AW1, but also have it run the water proof lens while paddling. Very tempted to pull the trigger on this but would like your thoughts.
Finn said:
Ok M2G you have had this for a while now, what are your thoughts after using?
I am certainly not M2G, but I too am a curious about his findings about this camera. I have been involved with photography for well over 40 years, I have worked for over 10 years as a part time pro photogapher, and been kayaking for over 20 years. This camera sounds great, I may have been too quick to purchase a smaller camera for my 10 day Kayaking trip to Baja. I bought a Nikon 1 V2 with several lenses specifically for this trip (http://www.pbase.com/windancer/baja) and I was reading his posts after I got back and it got me really interested in it.


Several reviews on it:

http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/ ... w1_review/
http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/defa ... ess+rugged
So here's my question, as a DSLR-toting kayaker: How does it fare for keeping water off the front element of the lens? That's been one of the benefits of otherwise crappy P&S waterproof cameras. Any experience with its water-shedding abilities? Or is it really meant to be kept in a dry bag until used, just with less worry when it's out, deployed, and vulnerable?

I am desperate for an on-the-water camera that shoots RAW... :)

M2G said:
I'm not dumping my DSLRs but I'm also not bringing them on the majority of my paddling outings. The 1 AW1 is the ticket as far as I'm concerned but time will tell.

Any update to this now that you have had the camera for several months, any bits of knowledge you can share with us?

I was looking at this in the stores on Friday and liked how it felt in the hand. One thing I've read in reviews is that its images tend to show a fair amount of noise once you get above ISO 400. What has been your experience with this?

Would also like to see some more images. Looks like a nice alternative to having to stick my Powershot G9 into its bulky underwater housing when I go out.

I haven't been on the forum lately but I've been kayaking,(biking & hiking) photographing, home shopping, home buying.... well, anyway. Jumped back on the forum because I'm selling a boat and need to see if there were any competing Tiderace offerings here, looking to buy a boat too, then noticed this thread was still active.

There's plenty of evidence that the whole Nikon 1 System is pretty capable. Windancer provided a couple of descent links to pages which pour over the camera. It's also evident that Nikon intends to continue the lineup. The upcoming 1 J5 looks very promising and they can't keep that stellar new 70-300cx lens (189-810mm equivalent) in stock, where I buy my gear. Note that neither of those are waterproof however.

The submersible 1AW1 functions and produces images in the same way that the rest of the 1 series bodies do, aside from minor differences. Here's a look at what can be done with within the system:

And here are just a few of mine(certainly not my best as I just grabbed a few quickly), and each of these would have challenged many cameras. The sensors that Nikon uses today allow a lot of shadow detail to be pulled up and the cameras seem to do very well to avoid blowing the highlights without a lot of input from the user, within the auto modes.

In camera panorama across several stops of exposure. My camera phone, which can produce stellar pano shots under ideal conditions would have blown the highlights here. Ridiculously small here but rest assured that the 4800x920 original show plenty of detail, throughout.

High ISO performance? Here's a shot taken in a dark, window-less hangar at 3200 ISO, with the waterproof flash. Most of the time I have no need to go beyond 400 ISO but obviously will if required. I like to leave the camera on 160 or 200 usually. I also leave my Nikon D810 at ISO 64 most of the time. With the D810 I can actually shoot holding back over 5 stops of exposure, resulting in a completely black image out of camera, and then pull out a noise-free image in post. Can't push the 1 AW1 as much but it's going to have more latitude than many cameras in its size.

Back to the water.

I've taken the 1 AW1 on about nine trips and even on landlocked vacations when the weather was looking bad. Just came back from Colorado after a family retreat in the mountains where we had six inches of snow and some rain. I was shooting action video of family in sleet and rain, and also came away with the best family group shot of the bunch. The cameras I didn't bring on that trip are the Sony RX100, Nikon D610 and D810.

Of course the 1 AW1 isn't perfect. There's no EVF, if that matters to you. I don't go out without a spare battery but it seems that every mirrorless camera is in that same boat. Still just two waterproof lenses but I'm very happy with the results the one lens I have gives me. It's also exactly two more waterproof lenses than the competition.

I've made the habit of submersing this camera each time I go kayaking and it's very nice to simply not worry about it. Dragged it in the water one time just for fun. Video seems to be excellent as well as audio but my only comparison there is to my GoPro.

How to keep spots off the lens? Rain X.
has the Rain-X had any effect on the lens coating, if there is any on the front element?

GeroV said:
has the Rain-X had any effect on the lens coating, if there is any on the front element?


Hi Gero,

If you search online about using Rain X on camera lenses, you'll mostly get a lot of resulting discussions among people with fear of going out into the snow and possible rain, where the simple addition of a lens hood, or cheep filter with Rain X would negate the risk of damaging the coatings on a $2,000 lens...by adding Rain X. However, when I looked at those same discussions I only saw hypothetical angles and no proven cases of damage to coatings by Rain X. That said, I didn't dig too deeply for the following reasons: 1) We're talking about a lens that is less than $150 USD, the least expensive lens I have. (I have no need in putting a bead reducing agent on any of my other lenses) 2) I've done plenty of worse things to Nikon lenses in my professional career with surprising success.

Thus far, my 11-27.5mm hasn't degraded in any discernible way.

I hope that helps…and cheers.