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Nimbus Seafarer year ID?


New Member
Jul 16, 2022
gulf islands
Hi folks,

please redirect me if this is better posted elsewhere, thanks.

I like the older Nimbus kayaks a lot, and have acquired a Seafarer. serial # 9310197-421.
Guessing '93, but not sure, wondering if anyone can help decode, and welcome any comments. Can add more pics if anyone is interested.
I'll contact Nimbus folk as well, just curious to hear from any others with interest in or thoughts on old Seafarers.

nimbus seafarer.jpg
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Hi Cas,

So you can find a thread here about how hull numbers/year of manufacture generally work. But it looks like Nimbus had their own system. Probably best to contact them directly to confirm, but my guess would be the same as yours: 1993