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Norway 2017


Mar 26, 2010
North Idaho (Sandpoint)
A stab in the dark.

We've paddled exclusively in the Pacific Northwest, but would like to stray to Norway. So, with the diverse knowledge base of WestCoastPaddler, I'm hoping someone here can offer information, particularly about guided tours from decent outfitters. We are experienced at getting to/from Norway so don't need that sort of information.

We are hoping for a multi day trip (5+ days), with kayaking as the main (only?) focus. Camping is acceptable, but lodging is preferred (e.g. fisherman's huts etc.). If anyone has actual experience with outfitters along these lines, that would be super (I can google on my own).
Tons of great outfitters!

If you want to stay Canadian, I highly recommend Ontario Sea Kayak Centre. James Roberts and Dympna Hayes have run guided trips to Norway and I believe are planning a follow-up trip.


As for Norwegian outfitters, there are several to recommend but it all depends on where you wish to go - do you want to do multi-day in the fjords, on the outer coast or up in the Lofotens?

With that bit of info I'd be able to provide more recommendations!

Jaime Sharp locally would be a great resources, he's done some guiding in Norway and lived in the Bergen area for awhile if I remember correctly.
We are hoping for a multi day trip in the fjords or even the Lofotens. Our preference is for some sort of lodging rather than camping. Independent of the final destination, we would likely fly into Trondheim where we would stay with relatives before taking a train to wherever.