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NRS GORE-TEX Pro dry suits?

Biere a Terre

Jun 5, 2021
British Columbia
I've been tracking the new NRS GORE-TEX Pro dry suits all year, since I saw some random blog in late 2021 announcing that NRS had become a GORE-TEX licensed manufacturer. And they now appear to be out and in the channel. VPO supposedly has a lot of the line in stock, and MEC is carrying the Axiom full suit (recently walked past it at the Vancouver store).

Has anyone actually bought one of these yet? The prices are double what I last paid for Kokatat years ago in the states.

The two-part mating Rev dry top and Recoil dry bib are more my style after previously using the Kokatat Idol.

I just had a quick look at the MEC site. Without any difference in price from the identical-looking Kokatat product, I think NRS will be a tough sell hereabouts. A lot of people I know have gotten accustomed to sending back their Kokatat suits for maintenance and repairs (generally with the (faint) hope of getting a new suit under warranty). If the NRS suits were $400 cheaper (like the Mustang suit ).........
We carry Kokatat and NRS drysuits at my work. I've tried both on and found the Kokatat Meridian pretty similar to the NRS Axiom.
The Axiom has a few little features that I prefer, like no flap over relief zipper and different pocket layout, but nothing make or break.

In both suits I have to practically dislocate my neck to get into a medium, which is a bummer for me because the large is huge on me.

I've had very good interactions with the NRS warranty department, for what it's worth.
I thought part of the promise with GORE-TEX licensees is a greater/longer warranty? I'll email NRS and see what they say specifically, since their website still only references a one year warranty.
As most people consider Kokatat suits the gold standard, I would echo John's sentiment above - if the price is the same and there's no real differentiator, I would think most people would choose Kokatat based on their reputation and warranty.

Looking at the suit specs, I don't see any Cordura panels on the high-use areas (seat, knees, feet). I really like having that reinforcement, especially when you're sitting on logs or kneeling on rocks. Not sure what the point is of the extra panels around the lower leg/ankle :confused:, it doesn't really strike me as a high abrasion area. The elastic around the ankle cuff may or may not be useful. It looks like the next suit up in the line - Jakl - advertises Cordura reinforcing "in all key areas", whatever that means.

They are nice looking suits and ultimately more choice is a good thing. I'll be interested to read any first-hand user reviews.