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Olympus TG-2 waterproof


Aug 30, 2006
Comox, BC
I posted previously asking about water-repellent coatings on the glass on the top-end Panasonic Lumix and eventually went for the Olympus TG-2 which does have this. Not disappointed. Sheds water drops very well. Quite a lot of noise reduction programming which will not be to everyone's taste and colours very punchy - again a matter of taste. It is very quick (both in terms of being ready to take a photo after switching on, and in the traditional sense - it has a f2.0 lens).

This is an atmospheric shot from Haida Gwaii taken in full colour (no tweaking on the computer)! I actually only had 1.5 days of rain in an 18 day period in the second half of May.


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Hey, any longer-term assessment of the TC-2? How has it held up and performed (My old Canon D10 died and I'm scoping a replacement). Is there a hack kit available for the TC-2 like there is for the Canon D20?

Thanks, and feel free to contact me offline if you prefer:

Before you pop for one, talk to Darryl Lloyd, Longshadow Photography, out of Hood River. He recently invested and found his wanting in image quality. He might have a lemon, and his assessment was based on his first day with it on a WW raft trip down the White Salmon starting at BZ Corner, but by now he should have a better handle on it.