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Outback Oven Recipes

A timely revival of this post. I was just using my two Outback Ovens on a kayak camping trip this past weekend to churn out pizzas for the four of us. I just use the pre-packaged crust in an envelope you mix, knead and leave to rise (happened to be Compliments brand), plus a small tin of pizza sauce, tinned sliced olives and tinned sliced tomatoes, fresh cheese, sliced pepperoni, in this case sliced fresh yellow peppers, whatever you like. I prefer the individual crust mix packets and the small tin of sauce to the Kraft or Chef Boyardee pizza kits, cause they have a big tin with way too much sauce, a waxy envelope of weird yellow granules that purports to be a cheese product of some kind, and a small packet of long expired herbs that I never use. View attachment 12822
Gardening gloves! Great idea for handling hot things. Thanks Kayakwriter!
Gardening gloves! Great idea for handling hot things. Thanks Kayakwriter!

You're welcome. Pro tip: keep them dry. Because if they're wet and you pick up a hot pan or a stick from the fire you want to adjust, you'll get scalding steam generated on the inside, right against your fingers.
Also, not a recipe per se, but on the second night of our trip last weekend, we did a trick we've done before: slip a store-bought strawberry and rhubarb pie, right in its foil pan, into the Outback Oven, heat for 15-20 minutes or so on low, and it comes out with a warm, convincing fresh-baked feel.
Digging through Google, I came across a reference to The Wilderness Chef - The Art and Craft of Baking in the Outback Oven. Available in hardcopy from the UK for big bucks on "ShopBezos.com" or as a $6US ebook, which I found on iUniverse.com.

Warning--if you order this book from iUniverse.com today, do not expect their Download Center to fulfill your request promptly. I've had a problem ticket open with them since October 12 and so far they are unable to locate the document file and make it available for download.

Today I asked the good people at iUniverse to cancel my order and issue a refund. We'll see how that goes.