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paddling mitts


Feb 12, 2006
i have a lot of trouble with my hands getting cold. pogies are great but don't work for Greenland style paddling. i bought a pair of these NRS Toaster mitts from WC&K. they are awesome!! Mick and i went out for a couple hours this morning and my hands stayed nice and warm. highly reccomended for those trying to paddle all year round.

http://www.westerncanoekayak.com/produc ... on_id=5209

Anybody use Level6 gear? I've been product testing a few items from them and have really like their mitts. I usually use NRS hand wear but the terry-looped liner of the Level6 mitts is really nice. Not quite as warm as the Toaster Mitts but I found them to be drier. Since I can double up with pogies, that is okay with me.