Panthera Fast Sea Kayak $2900 CAD


Dec 7, 2011
Victoria, BC
Panthera Fast Sea Kayak
This is a Panthera Fast Sea Kayak designed by Bjorn Thomasson.
Design Information at

Build info here at WCP:

This kayak is quick– it will change your idea about average paddling speeds.
Shorter than many fast kayaks, it handles well in wind and waves.

This is the ‘High Deck’ variant (HV), so there is plenty of room for larger feet, and capacity to carry gear, food, and water for camping trips.

Length 507 cm 16’8”

Beam 52 cm 20.5”

Weight 21kg 46#

Strong epoxy fiberglass wood-core construction

Carbon fiber seat and cockpit coaming

Smart Track rudder

SeaLect Performance hatches

This boat was built in May-July 2020 and is in excellent condition.

Price: $2900 CAD

Location: Richardson St. in Victoria

July 18 launch.JPG





Is this still for sale? Do you think the 16’8” is long enough for a 6’3” paddler? Thanks
Yes, it's still for sale.
I wear 30" inseam pants, and there's about 7-8" of space in front of the footboard when the boat is adjusted to fit me.
So I don't think leg room will be an issue. Paddler weight and gear load would be more important, I think.
Can we chat over email?

I am very interested in this vessel. I live on Orcas Island across the border from you. Was hoping to coordinate a time for me to come and check out/potentially purchase the boat. Would love to ask some questions in the meantime anyways... Thanks!