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Parking at Little Espinosa


Sep 5, 2016
Nanaimo, BC
Might be preaching to the choir here...
Just got back from a very nice, if short, trip to the Nuchatlitz.
We were a little disconcerted upon arrival at the put in to find that the large parking area had been mostly taken up by four vehicles that had chosen to park in a parallel(to the road) fashion (see photo) thus greatly reducing the space available for other paddlers.
There was room to squeeze in at the far end and a bit of room near the access road but it would make it a bit tight to get in. Other users we spoke had to park along the road which can be a little hazardous to the health of one's vehicle.
It sure would be nice if users of the site parked with consideration of other prospective users (nose-in)
At least we didn't lose our license plates this time. :)
Looks like that road parallel approach is fairly typical at that location. I think it might be b/c some drive down to the beach [sim to the lhs photo] and then just drive up to park with the same orientation? Some double stacking tho'.

Whether driving up from the water's edge or approaching by the road, there's plenty of room to diagonal park or right-angle park there. I've parked there a couple of times, and IIRC both times our car was the only one when we launched but there were a number of cars when we returned. And they all followed our example and parked right-angle, naturally. Whoever is first sets the pattern.
People who parallel park there "just aren't thinking" to put the kindest spin on it.
you can see tire tracks in tangler's photo that in the recent past 2 vehicles parked perpendicular to the road.