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Planning a paddling trip in Kyuquot Sound/Checleset Bay.

Doug Schneider

New Member
Oct 25, 2023
Lafayette, Calif
Planning a paddling trip from Fair Harbour to southern Brooks Peninsula through Kyuquot Sound and Checleset Bay. Anyone with familiarity of this area know about the availability of fresh water. How many days of drinking water should I plan to carry (if any)? Are there lots of creeks and streams on the Islands?
There's a small stream on Big Bunsby, not at the campsite and not easy to find. Some of the other larger islands have freshwater seeps, but they're even harder to find and the water is not what you'd call attractive. The good news is that there are plenty of streams on the mainland. You just have to chart a course that takes you past the mainland so you can gather water along the way, or build in an extra half-day here and there so you can make special runs to the mainland to gather water. The more water you can carry, the less often you'll have to deviate to the mainland for water. The last time I paddled Kyuquot Sound, I believe I carried three gallons of water, or maybe it was four. Three would have been enough, in any event.

Hey Doug, that's a great trip, you'll love it. As Alex said there's many water sources on the mainland. Just plan on carrying a few days worth and you'll be fine. My wife and I have found that one 10L dromedary each is around 3 days and so we plan to find a stream within that time. I used to mark water sources on my charts along with the date I was there but eventually realised it wasn't necessary as i always found water wherever and whenever needed.
We were there in 2021 and found a pipe for a creek runoff near Bunsby...I'm pretty sure (large sandy beach/bay area)...also saw a wolf in this area. If you can leave early out of Fair Harbour it will work in your favour...very windy in the afternoon. Enjoy the large rafts of sea otters. Prepare for a foggy trip in Fog-ust.
I would HIGHLY recommend making your last day at Rugged Beach...take a little stroll and find the Brackish creek...cross the bridge and enjoy an amazing Sauna!
Thanks for all your helpful responses! Sounds like water will not be an issue if we carry a few days supply.
Looks like there are recent camping restrictions in Checleset Bay. Anyone know how stringently these are enforced? We certainly will be practicing no trace camping, as always. -Doug
Water availability will also depend on time of year. In winter/spring/early summer it should be plentiful, late summer & early autumn, not so much.

In August we always keep a day or two of water in reserve for those times we're not able to easily find more.

Hope you have a great trip!