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Mar 8, 2005
Beautiful BC
The BC Marine Trails Network Association needs your assistance.

No contribution is too small -- even if you've only got one photo to offer, it will be greatly appreciated.

The BCMNTA is collecting information about campsites along the entire coastline of British Columbia from Alaska to Washington, including both coasts of Vancouver Island. This is a huge undertaking that will take several years to complete. The finished network of trails will benefit paddlers for generations to come and will provide safe havens for people from around the world who wish to paddle the magnificent coast of British Columbia.

The BCMTNA is working in partnership with the Government of British Columbia to compile a detailed, shared inventory of all suitable locations for camping while paddling the coast. The mandate of the BCMTNA is to secure campsite locations along the coast for all time by negotiating with Federal and Provincial governments and private land owners.

One of the biggest challenges that the BCMTNA faces is identifying all the locations along the coast where camping is possible and accurately assessing those locations. What we're primarly looking for are photographs of campsites and beaches. Photographs are the best method aside from actually visiting the location for us to make determinations about the usablity and appropriateness of each campsite. In time, each campsite location along the coast will be visited by a BC Marine Trail Network representative to confirm usability.

A note about photo quality:
We're looking specifically for photos that show campsites and beaches. The photos don't need to be National Geographic quality -- they don't have to be in focus, the horizon can be slanted, they can have poor lighting -- as long as we can make out basic detail, we're fine with them. A bad photo is better than no photo, and each photo will give us a little more information.

Submit a photo even if you've only got one to offer -- every little bit will help us to see the big picture.

What we're looking for...
We are looking for information about any and all campsite locations (in Provincial and Federal parks, and on Crown and private lands) along the coast of British Columbia. Note that we wish to accept information about campsite locations on private land only where fees, or permission has been granted for camping. Please respect private lands and do not trespass.

Ideally, the following is a list of the type of information we would like to receive -- even if it takes half a dozen people accumulatively submitting information for one campsite location.

- Photos
As many photos as can be submitted that show tent sites and beach access. Photos of both high and low tide levels would be greatly appreciated. If you're not sure what the tide level was in the photo, don't worry about. If your photos aren't the greatest quality, don't worry about it. If the features we're looking for are in the background of your photo, that's fine.

- Campsite location details
GPS coordinates are best, if you can speficy where coordinates were taken, i.e., at the campsite, on the beach, or from the water, it would be most excellent. If you can include a graphic map showing the location, that would be helpful. If you're only able to provide a written description (eg. "The second bay northeast of the southern most point of the island"), that's fine too.

- Additional information
Is there a nearby drinking water source, i.e., a stream or creek that water can be filtered from? How far away is it? Are there outhouses? Are there times of the year when the site is not accessible? Are there any other specific features that should be addressed (exposure to wind, difficult landing spots, etc). Any additional pertinent information about the site will be useful.

Please start a new discussion thread for each campsite location -- if you've got information or photos about a campsite that's already been submitted, add it to the same thread -- it all helps.

We may contact you if we require any additional personal information (such as your name, for credits in the BCMTNA database).

Please do not use this forum to discuss any topics that do not relate directly to campsite locations or the BCMTNA project -- any off topic posts will be deleted or moved to a more appropriate location of the WestCoastPaddler forums.

For more information about the this project, please visit the BCMTNA website at:

By posting photos in this forum, you are granting permission for the BC Marine Trail Network Association to use your photos in the BCMTNA database and any BCMTNA promotional materials.

Thank you for your participation in this exciting and worthwhile project.


Dan Millsip
Past Director, BC Marine Trails Network Association
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