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Prevost Island trip last weekend


Mar 8, 2005
Beautiful BC
I must say that despite the excessive rain, high winds, and mud at the campsite, our paddle to Prevost Island was very enjoyable.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day trip that Mark, Mick and I took to Ganges on Saturday -- we got some great surfing in.

Yup - awesome trip! If the only measure of how much fun a trip was, was how many times my spray deck was swamped, well, this would have been the best trip so far! :lol: :wink: 8) :eek:

So... where are we going this weekend? :idea:
I am hoping to get out the first week of May for an overnight trip to an island like Portland island.

Anyone interested?
Rum Island is still one of my favourites - it's a little more exposed than most of the closer islands and it's farther to paddle, but the scenery is pretty amazing. A trip to Rum (Isle de Lis) is a bit more weather-dependant in the spring time, but come May hopefully there'll be a bit less wind than there has been recently. It's also more dependant on the abilities and comfort level of paddlers.
I did a nice day paddle to Portland from Sidney last weekend - 20 km round trip - quite a bit less if you set off from Swartz head. There are several nice campsites there - my favourites are the one on the west side across from Brackman Island and the point at the NE corner.
I could be up for an overnighter there too - I may head over there later this month with my family. Rum and Darcy are also nice for over night trips.
I hope the weather improves soon. I’ve been driving around with my kayak on the rack since Saturday! 8O